Erbivera goat milk and calendula bath wash sensitive skin baby

Goat Milk and Calendula Sensitive Bath Wash

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So good you could almost eat it! You really could. That's because there is NOTHING bad in this Erbivera Bath Wash. Made with goat milk and calendula, this bath wash is suitable for newborn babies and those with sensitive skin. Goat milk might sound like an unusual choice for body wash, but it's full of moisturising and calming goodness, packed with a bunch of antioxidants too. Not bad. In fact: very good!

Only happy goats' milk is used in making the Erbivera products! The goats live in a semi-wild state on a farm on the hills of Tuscany, feeding on hay that for the most part is produced by the same farm on the same hills. Remember we said we at Small Nordics like to know where our products come from so we know they're produced ina resposible  manner? 

Erbivera Goat's milk and Calendula Bath Wash in a nutshell:

  • Super gentle and moisturising
  • 97% natural ingredients
  • generous 500ml bottle (recycled PET plastic, naturally) 
  • NO parabens
  • NO dyes
  • NO silicone
  • NO perfumes
  • Made in Tuscany

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