End of May Wallpaper

  • €90.00

Why not turn the whole room into a field of flowers!

The beautiful End of May wall mural is printed upon order, which means the delivery time is around 14-21 days. 

The product comes in one roll:  
There are 4 panels: 50cm x 248cm to put together to cover a wall of max 248cm in height and 200cm in width.

  1. Cut each panel out, following the dotted lines before hanging
  2. Panels should be hung in order of numbering, starting from the top left-hand side of your wall.
  3. If you need to trim panels for a wall less than 2,48m high, center the design accordingly.
  4. Follow the application advice to hang your wallpaper.


Technical details:

  • Wallpaper printed on non-woven paper. The nonwoven is a high-quality material, being something between paper and textile fabric.
  • Solid and durable.
  • Can be placed on not smooth surfaces.
  • Glue not included
  • Dimensions: 4 panels - 50 cm x 2,48m
  • Made in France
  • Euroclasse B, A+ certification
  • Fire-resistant

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