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Small Nordics is an online baby & kids' shop dedicated to unique baby gifts, kids' decor, toys, accessories, cosmetics, and clothing. The shop is filled with beautiful products sourced both in Europe and around the world. Many of the products are limited edition and the selection changes often, so there is always something new and exciting to discover when you visit Small Nordics.

The person and the philosophy

I, the person behind Small Nordics, am a trained early childhood pedagogist and passionate about good quality kids' products that are both beautiful and functional. I'm Finnish by birth, Italian by choice, and I've spent a fair few years living in the UK at some point too. Having spent my childhood in Finland, I strongly believe kids should run, climb, play, explore, jump in puddles, and taste the snow (not the yellow kind!). In the Nordic countries we say there is no such things as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. As a pedagogist I sincerely believe kids should be allowed - and encouraged - to go outside in rain, snow, and in sunshine, but for this you need the right gear, and that is also something I would like to help provide.

I also strongly believe in taking care of this planet for us and for the future generations, so organic, non-toxic, ecological, and socially conscious products will continue to be at the heart of Small Nordics. 

I'm constantly adding new products to the store, so sign up to our newsletter on the home page, or follow us on Instagram. If you are a designer creating products you think we would suit Small Nordics, or a customer with a brand in mind you'd like to see us stock, then please email me at info@smallnordics.com.

I wish you an enjoyable visit!


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