Something has changed, some things never do.

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As you may have noticed, Small Nordics has been unusually quiet in the last couple of months. This is because we've been going through some changes. Mari who's done an amazing job of getting Small Nordics going, has moved on to other projects and I've taken over the activities. It's taken us a couple of months to get all the admin details sorted, which is why we've been a little quiet.


Some things have remained the same though. 


Small Nordics will continue to be run by a Finnish woman living in Italy. I'm super excited about this new adventure that Mari started. I'm a trained early childhood pedagogist and passionate about good quality kids' products that also serve a function other than just being pretty. This is where the Nordic touch will continue to show as much as ever, since what is being Nordic, if not being functional and stylish?

I also strongly believe in taking care of this planet for us and for our kids, so organic, non-toxic, ecological, and socially conscious producs will continue to be what we're looking for. 


Some changes are still under works. 


One of the main projects at the moment is to get the shop translated into Italian, since I know many of you would like that. I don't want to publish the translation until I'm at least 95% happy with it though, so bare with me. We're almost there, and as soon as it's ready I will let you know!

We're also getting in some beautiful new stock from some of the old stockists, and some fabulous new products from new names too, so keep your eyes open on Instagram, Facebook, and on this site.

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