Flexible Road Track is Neppis for the new generations

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waytoplay flexible road track indoor playRemember when you were little and spent afternoons building race tracks out of sand for little plastic cars?
Or in my case, I mostly watched my brothers do so as I was "too little" to praticipate. They spent time and effort making the perfect race track, and then raced their tiny race cars around it with the other neighborhood kids.   

This game is called Neppis in Finnish, and the tiny plastic cars are forever imprinted in my memory. I've learned that while Neppis went out of fashion for a while, it has since started coming back. Now there are even Neppis leagues and Neppis championships in Finland. What else can you expect from the nation of whacky sports? (You can read more about the weird Finnish sports and competitions from this New York Times article

I have been asking myself why the Flexible Road Track appeals to me so much. I really do think it's a fantastic product, but apart from being fun and cool, it has always sparked an extra bit of excitement in me. Then I realised it: the Flexible Road Track takes me straight back to being little again. It's Neppis for the kids of the new millenium. It has the quality of open-ended play, leaving your kids' imagination be the only limit, yet it's that tiny bit more "advanced" than just a sand box and a few sticks and stones.

You can lay the track on any surface; sand, tiles, carpets, grass, stones.. you can build your race track to be anything you want it to be. You can bring it on the beach with you, or take it with you when you go to the summer cottage. Or simply set it up in your house and watch your kids push around little cars. Or dinosaurs, or unicorns, or whatever creatures participate in races in your house.

Fortunately, while Neppis may be a Finnish thing, racing toy cars is universal. This is one game that knows no gender, nationality, race, or even age! You might even feel inspired to dig out your old toy cars and join in with your kids.. be honest, you know exactly where they are still!


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